Frequently asked questions

Questions and anwers
I. Transfer booking
How to order a transfer?

There are four steps to order a transfer. First step is to select the route, then choosing the type of vehicle, input of passenger’s details and finally payment (if you choose online payment option).

How I can input the route details?

You can select the route of your trip in booking form. You should choose the “pick up” and “drop off” locations. After input location’s first letters, a list of destinations, corresponding your request will turn up.  Finally, after specifying "From" and "To" points, click "GO" and you will see available transfer options on the screen.

What if preferred location is not on the list of company’s destination map?

We would be happy to provide any transfer service under individual request. If desired route is not available in the booking form, then you are welcomed to approach with a request via, or liaise using +996 706 663399 (we are available on icons of messengers).

For transfer booking completion, do I need to pay full amount online?

No, while filling the booking and passenger’s details, you may choose the option between online and after pick up payments. If you choose payment after pick up, you may pay using POS terminal or by cash.

How I will know, that my transfer has been accepted and confirmed?

After completion of filling information about the transfer and passenger, and pushing “Order a transfer” button, automatically, transfer booking confirmation will be sent on specified email address. The document includes all transfer details and transfer reference number.

How far in advance I may book a transfer service?

In accordance to booking procedures, transfer order is placed 9 hours before the transfer time.  However, we would be keen to consider any  order from our clients and deliver a bespoke solution. If you need a transfer but it’s less than 9 hours before the service, please address your request via or calling/messaging to +996 706 663399 (we are available on + icons of messengers).

Can I book a transfer for a third party?

Yes, we provide such option. During placing an order, you must ensure that all details (Name and contact details) belong to the passenger. Thereby, the passenger will receive all details about the booked transfer on own electronic email address.

II. Payment
How to pay for the service?

We provide a number of payment options: online pre-payment, by cash or POS terminal via using bank card after the service completion.

What cards are accepted for the payment?

Our system accepts Сards of the International Payment Systems VISA and MasterCard.

Who withdraws money from my bank card?

You will be redirected to our partner "Kyrgyzkommerts Bank" web page to pay by card. Money will remain frozen on your account until actual date of trip. It allows to get your money back quickly in case of cancellation.

Why my payment is not successful?

There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Lack of funds on your account;
  • Wrong card number, validity period, CVV/CVC code;
  • Your bank has set limits for the volume of payments made during one day;
  • Your bank does not accept online card payments, or you have to authorize this service in your bank.

If, for any reason, you can't pay for service, call your bank technical support at the phone number specified on the back of your card.

What would be the payment confirmation?

The payment and order booking is confirmed by transfer service document sent to your specified email address. The document includes all information about the transfer, including payment details, and booking reference number.