Ala Archa National Reserve Park

Trip from Bishkek to the Ala Archa National Park.

Only 30 kilometers from Bishkek there is an island of calmness, providing vacationers with marvelous known as Ala-Archa National Park. There are mountains with snow-covered peaks tight to the skyline, and slopes covered with centuries-old coniferous forests.

This reserve was officially created in the 1970s. Protecting rare local flora and fauna was the main reason for reserve's establishment. In Ala Archa, from a safe distance, one can admire the graceful snow leopard. Here, lucky tourists also have a unique chance to see the well-known bluebird of happiness, which, according to local legend, brings good luck and happiness to all who see it.

Briefly put, a visit to the unique Ala Archa National Park will leave the brightest and most unforgettable impressions for any tourist who can experience an adrenaline rush by scaling its mountain tops, encounter rare animals and simply admire the natural and splendid landscapes.

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